• Materials RFG Seminar
  • Chemical and Structural Biology and Biophysics RFG Seminar
  • Paquette Organic Workshop
  • Spectroscopy RFG Seminar
  • Synthesis RFG Seminar
  • Molecular Life Sciences Seminar
  • Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy Seminar
  • Materials RFG Seminar
  • Molecular Life Sciences Seminar
  • Mass Spectrometry in Structural Biology Event
  • Evans Lecture
  • NMR Center Inaugural Symposium

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Chemistry and Biochemistry Symposia and Lectures

Details TBA for the following Named Lectures:

2016 Mack Lecture
2016 Meek Lecture
2016 Paquette Symposia
2016 Shore Lecture

Other Symposia and Lectures

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