Biochemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) Application

Summer Undergraduate Research Program

The Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) in the Department of Biochemistry is designed to provide an intensive research experience to highly qualified undergraduate students currently enrolled at The Ohio State University. Preference will be given to students majoring in biochemistry. This is an intense research experience and postions will generally be awarded to students who have demonstrated a high level of success in the classroom. However, strong letters of recommendation are also an important indicator of success in the program.

The program is primarily intended to provide a valuable learning opportunity for students who may be preparing for graduate or professional school. The proram does provide financial support through an attractive stipend paid directly to the student. The program typically supports up to five students per summer. Additional openings may be available through funds from a similar program offered by the College of Biological Sciences through a Mayer's Summer Research Internship. Suitable applicants to SURP may be asked to apply to this College program as well.

Students interested in applying to SURP should email the Department of Biochemistry (, including "SURP" in the subject heading.

The application period for the Summer 2012 program begins March 1, 2012. The application deadline is April 15, 2012 for this summer's competition.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is only available to Ohio State University students with preference given to those majoring in Biochemistry. There are a limited number of awards that can be given.

Application Procedure:

NOTE: There is no application form involved. Just provide the information outlined below.

Your application should include only the following items:

  • A cover letter briefly introducing yourself including your academic status/rank (2nd, 3rd year, etc), your major(s), whether you have had any previous research experience and, if so, a brief description, a statement as to why you are interested in this program, contact information (how do we get in contact with you?), and any other pertinent information that might be of use in the evaluation of your application.
  • A statement of your career goals. This should be a one- or two-page concise description of your career plans at this point including how you believe a summer research experience might help you attain these goals. You should include any specific areas of biochemistry that you are particularly interested in and how greater knowledge and experience in these areas might help you in reaching your goals.
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty members who ideally know something about you beyond just the lecture setting. We recognize that this is often a challenge for students, especially in the early years when most, if not all, of their contacts with faculty are through lecture courses. However, try to choose someone who may have had some contact with you such as through additional discussions/questions beyond the classroom setting. Please have these letters sent separately to the address shown below.
  • Application deadline for the Summer of 2012 program is April 15, 2012.
  • All application materials should be sent to:

    email: with SURP in the subject line
    OR TO:
    Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)
    Department of Biochemistry
    776 BioSciences Building
    The Ohio State University
    484 West 12th Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43210
  • Please note that some of the applications may be submitted on your behalf for competition for the College of Biological Science's Mayer's Summer Research Internship competition. No other requirements are involved for this program, but could result in a greater number of total summer research awards given.


Congratulations to the following students who received SURP awards for the summer of 2010:


  • Wenxi Liu (Mayer's Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Chan)
  • Michael Isfort (Mayer's Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Swenson)
  • Alexander Cherry (Mayer’s Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Dean)
  • David Beyer (Mayer’s Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Suo)
  • Laura Sanman (SURP) (Dr. Suo)
  • Fuad Mohammad (SURP) (Dr. Jackman)
  • Andrew Merriman (SURP) (Dr. Gopalan)
  • Walter Zahurancik (SURP) (Dr. Wu)
  • Chris Pappa (SURP) (Dr. Ottesen)
  • Tim Wang (SURP) (Dr. Foster)
  • Gbekeleoluwa (Becky) Oladunjoye (SURP) (Dr. Wu)


Past Awardees (and their research advisors):


  • Alexander Cherry (Mayer's Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Dean)
  • Eric Fichtenbaum - (Mayer's Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Musier-Forsyth)
  • Andy Goodrich - (NSF REU Award) (Mayer Award declined) (Dr. Musier-Forsyth)
  • Jalpa Patel (NSF REU and SURP) (Dr. Hopper)
  • Chris Smith (NSF REU and SURP) (Dr. Ottesen)
  • Anthony Gorsek (SURP) (Dr. Chan)
  • Chu-Yueh Guo (SURP) (Dr. Wang)
  • Mike Isfort (SURP) (Dr. Swenson)
  • Emily Maris (SURP) (Dr. Jackman)
  • David Smith (SURP) (Dr. Foster)



  • Michelle Ferdinand (SURP) (Dr. Ottesen)
  • Jeremy Henderson (Mayer's Summer Research Internship and SURP) (Dr. Jackman)
  • Guang Li (Mayer's Summer Research Internship and SURP) (Dr. Means)
  • Lindsey Pack (NSF REU and Mayer's Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Suo)
  • Jonathan Picking (SURP) (Dr. Ottesen)
  • Sridevi Ramalingam (NSF REU and SURP) (Dr. Chan)
  • Jason Talmadge (SURP) (Dr. Chan)



  • Michael Corcoran (Mayer's Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Suo)
  • Brandon Crowe (SURP) (Dr. Wu)
  • Chen Fu (SURP) (Dr. Suo)
  • Sanjay Hari (Mayer's Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Magliery)
  • Lindsey Pack (SURP) (Dr. Suo)



  • Sanjay Hari (SURP) (Dr. Magliery)
  • Matthew Heberling (SURP) (Dr. Magliery)
  • Sean Newmister (Mayer's Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Suo)
  • John Pryor (SURP) (Dr. Suo)
  • Amber Simmons (Mayer's Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Foster)
  • Matthew Wohlever (SURP) (Dr. Swenson)



  • Nikunj Bhatt (Mayer's Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Chang)
  • Stephen Greszler (Mayer's Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Taylor [Chemistry])
  • Debra Kot (SURP) (Dr. Gopalan)
  • Will Heilbut (SURP) (Dr. Gopalan)
  • Hallie Wherley (SURP) (Dr. Wang)



  • Craig Bartling (Mayer's Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Means)
  • Laura DePalatis (Mayer's Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Brookes)
  • Stephen Greszler (SURP) (Dr. Means)
  • Stephen Kraynik (SURP) (Dr. Foster)
  • Pauline Tan (SURP) (Dr. Swenson)
  • Michael Thorpe (Mayer's Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Chang)
  • Mark Troyer (Mayer's Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Brooks)
  • Erica Waite (SURP) (Dr. Tsai)



  • Jonathan Bechtel (SURP) (Dr.Chan)
  • Kathie Hudson (SURP) (Dr. Wang)
  • Amber Simmons (Mayer's Summer Research Internship) (Dr. Foster)
  • Dimiter Tassev (SURP) (Dr. Wang)