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Surface Plasmons, Enhanced IR Absorption Spectroscopy, Metallic Arrays of Subwavelength Holes, Connecting Cluster Properties to Bulk
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Dr. Coe's Publication List

Dr. James V. Coe
The Ohio State University
Chemistry Department
100 West 18th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio, 43210-1173
Office phone: (614) 292-9489
EL0027 phone: (614) 292-1493
EL0031 phone: (614) 292-0089

Dr. Coe's CV with full publication list, talks, patents, and funding

  1. P.A. Limbach, L.C. Schweikhard, K.A. Cowen, M.T. McDermott, A.G. Marshall, and J.V. Coe, "Observation of the Doubly Charged, Gas Phase Fullerene Anions, C602- and C702-", J. Am. Chem. Soc. 113, 6795 (1991).

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