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Analytical Spectroscopy Laboratory

Typical CD Experiments


How to Run Typical Experiments on the AVIV Circular Dichroism Spectrometer


NOTE 1: These describe the typical types of experiments which most users would use much of the time. If you have unusual requirements for your experiments, consult with the Lab Manager for advice and assistance.

NOTE 2: All users need to first be trained by the lab manager how to use the spectrometer.  This is provided only as a convenience to those who already have been trained.


1. AVIV Power On and Power Off Procedure

2. Basic Procedure to Record a CD Spectrum

3. Titrations

4. pH Meter Setup

5. Information about Instrument Warm Up Time

6. Absorption spectra of guanidimium hydrochloride <0-3 ε> <0-10 ε>


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