Industry Day 2020 - Virtual


Date: August 10, 2020

Event Sponsors:  Procter and Gamble, DuPont, and the ASC Center for Career and Professional Success

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is dedicated to fostering relationships with industry, providing benefits for both the university and the industry partner.  These successful partnerships can lead to innovative solutions by translating research into industrial applications and support talent acquisition efforts, while enhancing the education and training of students.  This event focuses on opportunities for industry to learn more about the department, instrumentation and capabilities, research areas, and currently available technologies while engaging with faculty, graduate students, and postdocs.  Industry is invited to schedule meetings with faculty and offer talent acquisition presentations for graduate students and postdocs.   

Agenda details are listed below.  Industry registrants will receive login details for the sessions prior to the event.

Registration and Fees:

Due to the conversion to a virtual format for 2020, there are no fees to participate.  Registration ends August 5th.  

Industry Registration

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Agenda Details


Welcome and Department Overview 

Dr. Claudia Turro, Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Research Overview and Opportunities for Collaboration

Dr. Susan Olesik, Professor and Dean, Mathematical and Physical Sciences


This session will focus on trends and challenges in technology development and faculty best practices when connecting with industry.  Faculty and industry registrants are invited to attend.


Dr. Zachary Schultz, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Industry Panel:

Procter & Gamble:  Pete Ellingson, PhD, Open Innovation Manager, Connect + Develop, Corporate R&D

DuPont:  Donald Lyons, PhD, Technical Fellow, DuPont Transportation and Industrial

Lubrizol:  Daniel Knapton, PhD, Research Manager, Component Science


Faculty will host two concurrent sessions to discuss their research programs with industry representatives.  

Concurrent Session 1:  Molecules to Impact Human Diseases

Dr. Tom Magliery      "Protein engineering for new modes of cancer diagnosis and therapy"
Dr. Dennis Bong      "Versatile platforms for in vivo RNA delivery"
Dr. Jon Parquette      “Self-assembly of Multicomponent, Functional Nanostructures”
Dr. Dmitri Kudryashov       "Intein-mediated reconstitution of split-toxins for highly selective cell ablation" 

Concurrent Session 2:  Catalyst, Battery, and Fuel Cell Technology

Dr. Shiyu Zhang       “Sustainable organic electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries”
Dr. Christo Sevov      "Electrochemical Strategies for Energy Storage and Synthetic Chemistry"
Dr. Casey Wade      "Bioinspired Porous Materials for Trace CO2 Capture and Other Gas Separations"
Dr. Psaras McGrier      "Covalent organic frameworks for catalytic and energy storage applications"
Dr. Yiying Wu      "Low-cost K-Air batteries and Electrolyte Designs"
Dr. Anne Co      "Electrode Materials for Fuel Cells and Batteries"

Faculty will host two concurrent sessions to discuss their research programs with industry representatives.  

Concurrent Session 1:  Molecules to Impact Human Diseases

Dr. Christopher Hadad      "Novel Therapeutics for Treating Exposure to Organophosphorus Chemical Nerve Agents"
Dr. Jovica Badjic      "Molecular Baskets as Nanoantidotes"
Dr. David Nagib      "Selective radical C-H functionalization of medicines"
Dr. Dehua Pei      “Intracellular Biologics as Next-Generation Therapeutics"

Concurrent Session 2:  Innovations in Instrumentation

Dr. Robert Baker    "New Ways to See Electron Motion: Probing Charge and Spin Dynamics at Interfaces"
Dr. Abraham Badu-Tawiah   "Dried blood spheroids for dry-state room temperature storage of whole blood samples"
Dr. Rafael Bruschweiler   "1.2 GHz Ultrahigh Field NMR at OSU"
Dr. Susan Olesik   "Nanofibers for Improved Preconcentration, Separation and Detection”

Dr. Vicki Wysocki

  "Native MS Tools for Characterization of Protein and Nucleoprotein Complexes"


Companies may choose to hold an individual session on a platform of their choice to connect with faculty.  Interested companies should identify a central point of contact and email Cheryl Yeack ( no later than August 5, 2020.  

To maximize opportunities for collaboration, companies will present in one of two separate sessions, from 2:40-3:40pm or 3:50-4:50pm.  


Companies may choose to hold an information session for talent acquisition with interested graduate students and postdocs.  Each session will be for 50 minutes.  Companies should communicate the central point of contact and login information to Cheryl Yeack at no later than August 5, 2020.  Due to the number of companies participating, presentations will be scheduled during this session as well as on August 11, 2020.