Procedures for Selection of Candidacy Examination Committee and Final Examination Committee.

The Vice Chair for Graduate Studies, with advice from the student’s advisor, will assign faculty to the student’s committee according to the following procedures.

  1. The student's advisor will submit the online Examination Committee Request to recommend committee members.  Candidacy committees are comprised of three faculty members, in addition to the advisor. Two of the three faculty members in the examination committee will be from the student’s division and one from outside the division. The student's advisor is expected to ask potential committee members if they are willing to serve in the committee and if they are available to do so prior to submitting their names to the Vice Chair.
  2. The Vice Chair may select two of the three nominees, or may suggest another faculty member, if inequities exist in the distribution of committee assignments.
  3. When required by division rules, the Vice Chair will also assign a committee member from outside the division. A university representative will sometimes be assigned by the Dean of the Graduate School.
  4. The Vice Chair will notify the advisor of those individuals who will serve on the committee, and the advisor (not the student) will arrange a time and location for the exam in consultation with his/her colleagues and the Vice Chair's office.
  5. The student must initiate an “Application for Candidacy” form electronically via GRADFORMS, which must be signed electronically by the advisor and the Vice Chair. All signatures must be completed and available at the Graduate School at least two weeks prior to the examination date.