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Most Recent Updates:

  • June 19- Dear Colleagues,

Some of you may have received the message from Senior Vice President Morley Stone in the Office of Research.  I did check the URL and the Ohio State app, and the health monitoring feature is not available today – perhaps it will be available on Monday.  If you have been invited to be in the pilot program or you are willing to submit your information on the OSU app, then go ahead and do so.  However, research team coordinators will not necessarily be able to monitor other researchers in their respective groups, so please continue to follow your SOP and to track your group’s information using your Google or MS Teams or whatever procedure that you had created for monitoring temperatures and other activities in the labs.  Thanks, Christopher

Action Steps for Re-Opening Your Labs

Here are the steps that you and your research group to be able to access your research labs in Stage 3 of the re-opening process.  Please remember that our department is trying to ensure social distancing and ensuring safety. Exercise judgment in all situations to ensure safety. There are 4 steps: 

  1. The department has developed general guidelines for the operation of our buildings and the use of your laboratory space.  Your laboratory’s standard operation procedure (SOP) outlines who are the members of your research team and how they will operate safely in your laboratory spaces. This SOP must be approved by the departmental committee and the College of Arts and Sciences.
  2. On-line training must be completed by each member of your research team
  3. Each member of your research team must complete the DocuSign procedure for the on-line attestation form.
  4. Your research laboratory must have the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to operate as stipulated in your group’s SOP.

If these four (4) criteria are met, then you and your research group can access your labs as early as Wednesday, June 10, 2020. 

Be aware that some facilities, such as our Research Support Services (RSS) and our departmental shops may have later start dates. Updated information will be available at:

  1. Each of your labs must have an approved standard operating procedure (SOP). All of the SOPs that were submitted as of Thursday, June 4, 2020 were approved by the Chemistry & Biochemistry re-opening committee at our meeting today, but a few faculty have to fix some minor issues.  The SOPs for the RSS and instrumentation shops were also approved by our CBC committee. 
  2. These SOPs still need to be approved by the College of Arts and Sciences, and that review is in process
  3. If your SOP discussed creating a group calendar for scheduling, then it is the responsibility of the PI and their lab coordinators to ensure that happens. The PI is responsible for the review of that calendar and ensuring that the SOP is being followed.
  4. After the SOP is approved, each member of your research team that is listed on your SOP must complete the health on-line training at:

Each researcher in your laboratory must complete the on-line training in order to access your laboratory spaces.

Please refer to this URL as updated information will be presented there about SOPs and procedures.

  • You will need to purchase PPE for your research team. These purchasing requests should use research funds from the Office of Sponsored Programs and the vendor should be the internal eStores. When you submit your orders, please remember that PIs who normally approve of orders should be entering “Approve” in the comments field so that the accounting staff can function as a Level 1 approver – otherwise, the purchases will be delayed.

Central Purchasing has created a stock for common PPE, and for your convenience, here are some items you might be interested in purchasing.

Item Number


Price ($)


Earloop Face Mask ASTM Level 1 Blue 50Bx



Gloves, Small, Nitrile Examination, PK 200



Gloves, Medium, Nitrile Examination, PK 200



Gloves, Large, Nitrile Examination, PK 200



Ethyl Alcohol, Absolute USP, 200 Proof, 5gal, Ethanol



Shield, Face Full Length 9.5




Spray Bottles, 32 Oz, Plastic, No Trigger, No Logo



Hand Sanitizer, 8-12 oz bottle



Oxivir TB disinfectant sanitizing wipes, 160 per container



Infrared Thermometer



The CBC Re-Opening committee reminds you of some additional information:

  • If anyone becomes ill, they should not report to work, but should quarantine themselves. The researcher should inform their PI and Prof. Claudia Turro as soon as possible.  Be aware that there could be ramifications for a building or a population if there are COVID-19 cases in our spaces.
  • Always exercise good judgement about social distancing and safety. Follow the department’s general guidelines as well as your specific SOP.
  • If you use shared spaces between multiple groups, please coordinate the usage and calendars for those spaces with your neighbors.
  • All researchers should be cautious with the disposal of masks.
  • If you intend to have any undergraduate researchers work in your laboratory space during summer 2020, please contact Prof. Turro with the approval request(s).
  • If you have questions about safety in our buildings, please contact Carol Barnes (.829) or John Herrington (.5). If you have a question about how the building’s signs and operations are functioning or have a suggestion for improvement, please contact the building coordinators: Carol Barnes (.829) for BioSci, Riffe and BRT and Walter Williams (.5141) for all of the other CBC buildings.  If you have questions about any other aspect about the re-opening of your lab, please contact Christopher Hadad (.1)