Biochemistry Research

Biochemistry Research

The faculty in the Department of Biochemistry maintain strong research programs and have access to excellent support facilities and stimulating interactions with campus-wide research focus groups. Research activities are focused primarily on the study of the structure and function of the major biopolymers. Our faculty members are leaders in basic research in several dynamic areas of modern biochemistry with their primary focus on macromolecular structure and function of the major biopolymers -- proteins, DNA, RNA, and oligosaccahrides.

Our faculty participate in a variety of Ph.D.-level graduate programs and provide excellent opportunities for training to be an independent research scientist in any of the above general areas. Several options for obtaining research training leading to a Master's degree in basic or biotechnology-related research are also available.

Undergraduate biochemistry majors are also encouraged to undertake independent research projects and experience the excitment of participating in the acquisition of new knowledge. Please refer to the links on this page and elsewhere to obtain further information.

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The Center for RNA Biology

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Postdoctoral, Associates, Technicians or Work Study
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Related Graduate Programs:

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Biophysics Program
Environmental Science Graduate Program (ESGP)
Chemical Physics
Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB)
Neuroscience Graduate Studies Program (NGSP)


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