Biochemistry Research Facilities

Department Facilities:
In addition to the modern research laboratories managed by our faculty, the Department of Biochemistry operates laboratories for instruction and common research facilites. Instruments available to members of the Department include ultra- and preparative centrifuges, liquid scintillation counters, FPLC's, a gel imaging system, a Phosphorimager, UV/visible spectrophotometers, circular dichroism spectropolarimeter, spectrofluorimeters, gas chromatographs, several PCR thermocylers, molecular graphics workstations, a cell culture lab, incubators, controlled-temperature rooms, and dark rooms.

University Library System:
The University Libraries System at Ohio State University in the Columbus Campus has a combined collection size of nearly 5.2 million volumes and receives approximately 36,000 serial titles periodically. This system also provides extensive on-line search tools that can be accessed as follows:

Additional Shared Facilities: