Analytical Spectroscopy Laboratory


Available Equipment


Renishaw Smiths Combined Raman/IR Microprobe

075 CBEC

This permits recording of mid-IR and Raman spectra on exactly the same spot using the same instrument system.  IR and Raman spectral maps can also be recorded on exactly the same area.  Temperature controlled sample cells will permit temperatures to range from 100K to 1500ºC.

Contact:  Dr. Barbara Dunlap

Bruker Icon Dimension AFM

075 CBEC

The atomic force microscope can provide a high-resolution image of the topography of a sample's surface.  Some of the options available are heated transition imaging and liquid imaging.

Contact:  Dr. Yehia Khalifa

Mössbauer Spectrometer

075 CBEC

Contact:  Greg Hatzis, GTA