Analytical Spectroscopy Laboratory


Available Equipment


Renishaw Raman IR Microprobe

075 CBEC


This instrument is a combination of an inVia confocal Raman microscope for Raman spectroscopy and a Smiths Detection IlluminatIR II for FTIR.  The pump wavelengths for Raman spectroscopy available are 458, 514, 633 and 785 nm.  With the instrument configuration, it is able to record each spectrum individually or in combination to get a Raman spectra and FTIR on the exact same spot on the sample.  Samples can be film, powder, or liquid.  There is also a temperature cell available to use with films or powder that has a temperature range from -173 to 600 °C. 

Coming soon: Polarized Raman Spectroscopy with the ability to change the polarization of the pump and/or probe for the 514, 633 ad 785 nm Raman pump wavelengths.

Contact:  Dr. Barbara Dunlap



Bruker Icon Dimension AFM

075 CBEC

The atomic force microscope can provide a high-resolution image of the topography of a sample's surface.  Some of the options available are heated transition imaging and liquid imaging.

Contact:  Dr. Yehia Khalifa


Mössbauer Spectrometer

Mossbauer Instrument

075 CBEC

  • See Co. Mössbauer Transmission Spectrometer
  • Uses gamma rays to analyze organometallics and ferroproteins
  • Tuned to measure nuclear transitions of 57Fe 
  • Variable temperature system with  3 - 300 K range
  • External magnet accessory available (70 mT)
  • Compatible with liquids, solids and air-sensitive samples  

Contact:  Dr. Curtis Moore