Center for Chemical and Biophysical Dynamics



Dr. Barbara Dunlap | 0103 Newman & Wolfrom Laboratory | 614-247-4754 |

Dr. Claudia Turro (Faculty) | 4109 Newman & Wolfrom Laboratory | 614-292-6708 |

Services Provided

The CCBD has been set up to provide OSU faculty, staff and students as well as external users with access to state-of-the art laser spectroscopy instrumentation. The Center is a part of the Department of Chemistry and the Institute for Material Science and includes high quality laser laboratory space, filtered air, temperature control, conditioned power, and closed circuit laser water cooling system. The Center integrates all the equipment necessary to measure transient UV/Vis, fluorescence, infrared, and stimulated Raman spectra on femtosecond time scale. More information available here.