Mass Spectrometry Facility (MSF)



Dr. Alicia Friedman | 085 CBEC | 614-292-9649

Cassidy Creemer, GTA

Services Provided

We train faculty, staff and students to utilize walk-up mass spectrometers for chemical compound identification and/or confirmation. Our facility currently houses:

  • Bruker Microflex MALDI (2020)
  • Bruker Impact II LC-MS equipped with ESI/APCI sources (2020) 
  • Bruker MicrOTOF equipped with ESI source (2008)


Using Instruments in the MSF

New users should apply for access by selecting the desired instrument under the CBC-Mass Spectrometry Facility menu on When submitting a request for instrument access, please list days/times you could attend a training session. All users must be trained by MSF staff prior to instrument access. 


MSF User Policies

  1. Users agree to follow ALL lab policies and directions of MSF staff with respect to instrument protocols and laboratory safety. Proper PPE must be worn at all times.
  2. All instrument time must be reserved/logged via the online FOM calendar. This includes any and all time using the instrument computer for data analysis, etc.
  3. Users should never attempt to fix instrument issues themselves unless specifically instructed to do so by Dr. Friedman. Immediately contact MSF staff regarding any problems with instruments and/or computers.