Mass Spectrometry Facility (MSF)


Instrument Status: 

  • Impact (ESI): Running

  • MALDI: Running


ESI Sample Submission Form (PDF) 

MALDI Sample Submission Form (PDF)


Dr. Alicia Friedman | 085 CBEC | 614-292-9649

TA: Jenae Linville

MSF Reopening & Covid-19 Policies

General MSF Policies

  1. All samples must be submitted for analysis by MSF staff – users will not enter the facility. This measure is temporary to limit the number of users passing through 075.
  2. Samples will be dropped off in the CBEC basement hallway between the NMR Facility and Unit Operations Lab. Look for the table clearly marked with MSF signage.
  3. Samples must be clearly labeled with date, sample name, and user last name. Each sample must be submitted with a paper copy of the appropriate submission form.
  4. Check the MSF website ( for submission forms, policy changes, and instrument updates.


ESI Details

  1. Sample Submission:
    • Please transfer already diluted samples into the small glass vials provided at the sample drop-off table. Snap a plastic lid onto the top to prevent any evaporation.
    • For very small volumes (< 500 uL), vial inserts are available. Place an insert into the vial and fill with sample. Again, snap a lid over the top of the vial.
    • Be sure to label each vial with a distinguished mark/label of some sort and place in the sample collection box.
  2. If users need leftover samples returned to them after analysis, this should be indicated on the ESI Submission Form. Users will be emailed once these samples have been analyzed and placed in a “Completed Samples” box at the sample drop-off location. All other samples will be immediately disposed of per university waste guidelines.


MALDI Details

  1. MALDI samples should be submitted already pre-spotted onto an appropriate target plate.

  2. Plates will be placed in a “Completed Samples” box at the sample drop-off location after analysis.