Mass Spectrometry Laboratory



Dr. Alicia Friedman | 085 CBEC | 614-292-9649

Cassidy Creemer, GTA

Services Provided

We train faculty, staff and students to utilize the mass spectrometers to perform mass analysis for chemical compound identification and/or confirmation. The facility contains a Bruker Microflex (MALDI) and a Bruker MicrOTOF (ESI) equiped with and Agilent 1200 LC.

Accessing the Mass Spectroscopy Services:

All MASS users must apply for access to the instrument via FOM.OSU.EDU. By applying for access to the calendar you are agreeing to follow the lab policies. The Mass Spec instrumental computers should only be accessed when you have an appointment on the FOM calender . Scheduling is on a first come first serve basis. There are no exceptions to this rule.

A note about training: Once you have access to the instrument on the FOM calendar, then you will need to contact the TA to determine when you will be able to schedule your training. Appointments scheduled within 24 hours will not be honored for training. When you arrive for your training, you will need to have a sample ready for analysis. That means, for the MALDI you will need to have your sample spotted on your target plate and for the ESI you will need to have your sample and syringe.

Visit the calendar to schedule. 

Please remember that all lab access is a privilege. Each student will be granted access on an individual basis according to the lab manager. Any student who fails to follow these policies will be limited to supervised access times.

  1. Before logging into either of the instrument computers, you need to have an appointment on the FOM calendar – If you do not schedule an appointment and proceed to log into the instrument computer without a reservation, then you will be charged from the time in which you log in until the next scheduled user.

  2. If you are not a user from the chemsitry and biochemistry department, then you must have an approved eRequest on file for the month in order to continue access to the lab.

  3. The calendar is available at 15 minute increments and you will be charged for your scheduled time on the calendar.

  4. very user must be trained and have their training signed off by the MS laboratory manager prior to authorized for full access to the mass spectrometer. – If you gain or provide access to a user who has not been signed off, then you will lose your access to the lab for one week.

  5. If your access does not work for any reason, please contact the lab manager. The problem can not be corrected if the manager does not know it exists.

  6. Access to each mass spectrometer is an independent authorization and does not imply any authorization to the other instrument.

  7. The ESI mass spectrometer inlet is incompatible with large amounts of quaternary amine ions. Sample should be cleaned up to remove these ions to prevent salt formation in the sample inlet needle.

  8. MALDI target plates have a finite lifetime. Sample plates that develop large surface scratches or are bent or warped should not be introduced into the instrument. Warped target plates will jam the transfer mechanism and this requires intervention from Bruker for removal.