CBC Waitlist Policies

If you are unable to find an open seat in a course that you need, it is advisable to join a waitlist through  My Buckeye Link (formerly SIS). Since the waitlist only applies to a single lab section, however, you should also regularly check the OSU class search to see if additional sections may have opened that could fit your schedule. Below are some tips for effectively using waitlists:

  1. Always choose to enroll in an open class over waitlisting a full class. Waitlisting a class does not guarantee that you will be able to get a seat. If you see an open seat in a class, even one at a less desirable time, take it!
  2. If you are already enrolled in the course, there is no point in waitlisting for a different section. SIS will automatically skip you on the waitlist since it can tell that you are already enrolled.
  3. Do not get on a waitlist for a class which conflicts with another course you are taking. SIS doesn't know what your preference is and will not drop your “backup” class if a spot opens in the class you want.

Buckeye link waitlists are only active until the first Friday of the semester. During the second week of the term, only a CBC advisor can add a course for you and you will need to have special permission. For general chemistry courses, this permission will come from the CBC Undergraduate Studies office. For all other courses, this permission will come from the course instructor. Until you are officially enrolled into a course, you cannot attend the lab, but we do encourage you to attend the lecture and recitations. After the second week of the term, you will be unable to switch or add any course without explicit permission from our Vice Chair of Undergraduate Studies. See below for additional enrollment policies that apply only to general chemistry or organic chemistry lab courses.


Additional Enrollment Policies for General Chemistry Courses 

  • General Chemistry courses include: CHEM 1110, 1210, 1220, 1250, 1610, 1620, 1910H, 1920H
  • All sections have a strict capacity of 25 seats. We can not allow more than 25 students into any section, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Section changes after the first Friday of the term require permission from the Chemistry Undergraduate Studies Office (rather than the course instructor)
  • See PDF icon General Chemistry Waitlists- FAQs [pdf] for more information.

Additional Enrollment Policies for Organic Chemistry Lab Courses

  • Organic Chemistry Lab courses include CHEM 2540 and CHEM 2550
  • All sections have a strict capacity of 20 seats. Initially, enrollment is set to 19 with the last seat reserved for students with extraordinary circumstances (usually graduating seniors). If you have an extenuating situation, contact Ms. Rebeca Patton, Organic Lab Coordinator.
  • If you have more specific questions or if you are not sure what to do, email Ms. Rebeca Patton, Organic Lab Coordinator. 

[pdf]- Some links on this page are to .pdf files.  If you need these files in a more accessible format, please email chemadvisors@osu.edu. PDF files require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader software to open them. If you do not have Reader, you may use the following link to Adobe to download it for free at: Adobe Acrobat Reader.