Undergraduate Biochemistry Club

The Undergraduate Biochemistry Club seeks to expose undergraduate students to current research trends in Biochemistry, graduate education, placement opportunities, and to create camaraderie amongst Biochemistry faculty and students. Activities include regular club meetings involving speakers from academia and industry.


Faculty Advisors: Drs. Jennifer Ottesen (ottesen.1@osu.edu) and Justin Wu (wu.473@osu.edu)
President: Connor Sullivan (sullivan.646@osu.edu)
Vice President: Zach Heppner (heppner.11@osu.edu)
Treasurer: Will Wright (wright.1343@osu.edu)
Secretary: Mackenzie Lynes (lynes.7@osu.edu)
Social Chairs: Scott Barrett (barrett.206@osu.edu; Rossy Alarcon Cabrera (alarconcabrera.1@osu.edu)

Purpose Statement:

The Biochemistry Club was organized to further the scientific knowledge of undergraduate students through meetings and discussions with world renowned professors and researchers.

For information on meetings and other club activities, see the Undergraduate Biochemistry Club's website at: http://biochemclub.org.ohio-state.edu

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