Biochemistry Undergraduate Course Requirements

Course Requirements for B.S.

Part A. Required Prerequisites or Supplements to the Major

These courses do not count toward 38 hour major.

  • Biology 1113 (H1113), 1114 (H1114)
  • Chemistry 1210 (1610, H1910), 1220 (1620, H1920)
  • Mathematics 1151, 1152
  • Physics 1250, 1251

Part B. Core Requirements

A minimum grade of "C-" in each course, and an overall grade point average of "C" (2.00) are required for graduation. The major is planned with a faculty advisor and is tailored to the background and interests of the student.

  • Chemistry 2510 (2610), 2520 (2620), 2540, 2550
  • Biochemistry 5613, 5614, 5615, 5621
  • Molecular Genetics 4500 or 4606
  • Physical Biochemistry 5721, 5722
  • Mathematics 2153

In certain biochemical specialties, recommended foreign languages are German, French, or Russian.

Total: 38 or more hours at the 2000 level or above (Parts B and C)


Sample B.S. Curriculum Plan

Course Requirements for B.A.

The BA student should complete all BS major requirements with the following exceptions:

The exceptions for the BA degree are as follows:

Mathematics 2153 Not Required
Chemistry 2550 Not Required
Biochemistry 5722 Not Required

This allows students to complete a Biochemistry degree and have flexibility to use the open credits for other advanced sciences that may be required for admittance to professional programs, ie. Anatomy, Microbiology, Statistics.

Sample B.A. Curriculum Plan