Biochemistry Undergraduate Course Requirements

Course Requirements for B.S.

Part A. Required Prerequisites or Supplements to the Major

These courses do not count toward 38 hour major.


  • Biology 1113 (H1113), 1114 (H1114)
  • Chemistry 1210 (1610, H1910), 1220 (1620, H1920)
  • Mathematics 1151, 1152
  • Physics 1250, 1251


Part B. Core Requirements

A minimum grade of "C-" in each course, and an overall grade point average of "C" (2.00) are required for graduation. The major is planned with a faculty advisor and is tailored to the background and interests of the student.


  • Chemistry 2510 (2610), 2520 (2620), 2540, 2550
  • Biochemistry 5613, 5614, 5615, 5621
  • Molecular Genetics 4500 or 4606
  • Physical Biochemistry 5721 (or Chem 4200 or 4300), 5722 (or Chem 4310 or 4310)
  • Mathematics 2153

In certain biochemical specialties, recommended foreign languages are German, French, or Russian.

Total: 38 or more hours at the 200 level or above (Parts B and C)


Course Requirements for B.A.

The BA student should complete all BS major requirements with the following exceptions:

The exceptions for the BA degree are as follows:

Mathematics 2153 Not Required
Chemistry 2550 Not Required
Biochemistry 5722 (or Chemistry 4210 or 4310) Not Required

This allows students to complete a Biochemistry degree and have flexibility to use the open credits for other advanced sciences that may be required for admittance to professional programs, ie. Anatomy, Microbiology, Statistics.