Biochemistry Semester Plan

The Biochemistry Major under the Semester System

Beginning in the fall of 2012, the University begins the academic year under the semester system. Planning and review of course and program revisions to the Biochemistry curriculum have been ongoing since the autumn of 2009. Although life at OSU under semesters still may seem like a long way off, students and faculty must already be preparing for the transition as they plan their course schedules and fulfilling program requirements. Students are highly encouraged to consult with their academic advisors during this transitional period. However, the information provided here should aid in your planning. An overview of the Biochemistry major program requirements as well as a more detailed description of the changes that have been i ntroduced should provide the necessary background and context. In addition, a more detailed description of the issues that students may incur during the transition from quarters to semesters should answer many of your questions. Finally, a series of suggested schedules during this transition and during the full semester system are provided. These should only be used for guidance in your planning. Schedules will likely vary with the student.