2018 Inaugural Industry Day


Industry Day

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All programs will take place in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Chemistry Complex (CBEC), 151 W. Woodruff Avenue.  Visitor parking is available in the Lane Avenue, Tuttle Park, and Ohio Union Garages.  Campus Map

May 7:
Pre-Event Interviewing
Companies who wish to arrive early to interview students may do so. Please let Cheryl Yeack know so arrangements can be made ahead of time. 
6-8pm, CBEC Lobby
Research Poster Session and Reception
Faculty and their research groups will present posters highlighting their work. Faculty research groups are composed of post docs, graduate students, and high ability undergraduate students.
May 8:
9-9:30am, CBEC 130
Introductions and Department Overview
Dr. Susan Olesik, Professor and Chair
Overview of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, including faculty and students, instrumentation and capabilities, research expertise, and current department initiatives. The recent focus on the development of industry liaison services and relationship building will be highlighted. 
9:30-10am, CBEC 130
Dr. Terry Gustafson, Professor and Vice Chair, Undergraduate Studies
Overview of the undergraduate chemistry and biochemistry programs, providing information on overall enrollment and number of majors and graduates per year, undergraduate research, scholarships, current initiatives, and the need for internships and full-time employment opportunities. 
10-10:30am, CBEC 130
Dr. Tom Magliery, Professor and Vice Chair, Undergraduate Studies
Overview of the chemistry, biochemistry, interdepartmental graduate programs, enrollment and graduates per year, recruitment strategies, the desidre to develope an internship program, and the need for industrial partners for professional skills and curriculum development. 
10:45-11:15am, CBEC 130
Collaborative Research at The Ohio State University
Dr. Dan Kramer, Associate Vice President, Industry Liaison Office
Dr. Elizabeth Drotleff, Director, Industry Liaison Office
Dan Kramer lead's OSU's central Industry Liaison Office whose mission is to cultivate and foster mutually beneficial relationships with industry by supporting their innovation and research needs. He will provide a practical guide for how industry can pursue collaborative research projects with OSU. 
11:15-11:45pm, CBEC 110/120
Research Collaborations Discussions
Dr. Susan Olesik, Professor and Chair
Open discussion for industry participants regarding current department research funding and the desire for industry collaborative research projects. 
Lunch and Break
A. Industry Career Presentation and Panel Discussion for Students, CBEC 130
Facilitator: Dr. T.V. Rajanbabu
A presentation by Dr. Wendy C. Flory, The Dow Chemical Company, on the job, search process for students, including tips on resumes and interviewing, career ladders, and the need for networking. A Q&A panel discussion between industry and students will follow the presentation. 
Q&A Panel:
  • Dr. Wendy Flory, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Dr. Toni Newsome, Owens Corning
  • Dr. Chris Hewitt, BASF
  • Dr. Matthew Brittain, Ohio Department of Agriculture
B. Industry-Department Brainstorming Session, CBEC 267
Industry representatives not participating in the student session are invited to a brainstorming session with department leadership. Feedback and ideas on how the department can support and interface with industry more effectively are of particular interest. 
A. Breakout Sessions for Companies to Meet Individually with Students
Space will be provided for companies who wish to meet with students separately following the Industry Career Presentation and Panel Discussion.
B. Facilities Tour of CBEC Building for those who are not meeting with students in breakout sessions (meet in lobby)
Tour Guide: Dr. Tanya Whitmer, Director, Research Support Services
Faculty Lab: Dr. Shiyu Zhang
Facilities Tour of CBEC Building for those who are meeting with students during first tour (meet in lobby)
Tour Guide: Dr. Tanya Whitmer, Director, Research Support Services
Faculty Lab. Dr. Christo Sevov