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Purchase Orders and Requisitions

General Guidelines

Purchasing With Purchase Orders

The first step to purchase items for your lab or project is to gain access to the OPR system , this should be done by contacting the Computer Support group.(e-mail: support@chemistry.ohio-state.edu) Computer support handles adding new users, adding new chartfields, and the general housekeeping of the software. When creating a user profile Chemistry accounting requests that you spell out the full name of the building you are in (i.e. 1104 Newman Wolfrom, 2051 Evans Lab, 112 McPherson Lab, etc.) where you want your purchases to be shipped. Also include the best phone # for vendors to contact you at if they have problems with your order. Any technical questions you have concerning the functioning of the DPR system should be directed to Computer Support. If you have questions about the purchasing process please contact Chemistry Accounting.
Before entering an order in the DPR System you should prepare the following: You will need to know the vendor you will be ordering from and a list of items that you will be purchasing from them along with pricing. If you have a quote in electronic format from your vendor please e-mail it to accounting@chemistry.ohio-state.edu Quotes are required for orders over $1,000.00. For OSP orders of $10,000.00 or more you will need to include part IV of the sole source form. If your order is over $25,000.00 it will require the approval of the College office. At $25,000.00 or greater for equipment or $50,000.00 or greater for service orders, you will need to put your order out for bids. If you do not bid your order you will need a "sole source form". You should also include this form if you take the bids yourself. OSURF and the University hava a service where they will handle the bid process for you. More information on the purchasing rules can be found in the Purchasing policy [pdf].


The first place to look for items is eStores. To use eStores you will need your osu login (Name.#) and password. If you do not know these you can get your name.# from the OSU online directory by looking yourself up. With this you can get your password set/reset by calling (614) 688-HELP. The vendors in eStores are preferred vendors with OSU and have special contracts with the university. Using eStores eliminates the need to get quotes or bids for orders. There are two types of vendors on eStores, those who have their items in the internal eStores catalog and the external vendors whose catalog links to eStores. Another benefit of eStores is that purchase orders tend to go out faster if they go through eStores.

eStores tip - if you are looking for something by item number or Catalog number in the internal catalogs do not type in any spaces or hyphens in the number. If eStores returns 10 pages worth of items - it did not find what you were looking for, change your search parameters and try again.

OSURF- Special Issues & Requirements

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Adding a New Vendor: Companies & Individuals

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Solving Vendor & Order Prioblems

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Equipment Purchases

As of July 1, 2009 OSU defines equipment as an item costing more than $5,000.00 that is stand alone and has a useful life of one or more years. Equipment will be shipped to Central Receiving unless there is a documented valid reason why it should be shipped directly to the initiator. This would need to be included in the comments in the DPR and subsequent requisition. If receiving is unable to deliver the item themselves they will use an outside mover and charge the initiator for the cost. The only way to dispute this charge is if it is documented that Central Receiving took delivery against the request of the initiator.

Items not meeting this definition of equipment purchased on an OSURF project will incur a 49.5% overhead charge.

Special Issues: Radioactive Orders MSDS's

Radioactive materials are ordered through University Purchasing, Hospitals Purchasing or The Ohio State University Research Foundation (OSURF). The Office of Radiation Safety must approve all orders of radioactive material. For approval, use University Requisition form 1303 or the ERP on-line procurement system. Free gifts must also be pre-approved by Radiation Safety. Procurement cards cannot be used to acquire radioactive materials. If a 1303 Requisition Form is used, please fax the completed form to RS at 292-7002. RS must receive the fax no later than 3:00 p.m., if next-day delivery is requested.

  1. The following information must appear on each requisition:
    1. Account Number
    2. {C}{C}Radionuclide and chemical form (e.g. P-32 dATP)
    3. {C}{C}Vendor and vendor catalogue number
    4. {C}{C}Activity (microcuries or millicuries)
    5. {C}{C}The Approved Supervisor's name
    6. Contact person's name and phone number
    7. {C}{C}Proper "deliver to" address (room and building)
  2. {C}{C}Standing orders can be issued by University Purchasing and the Research Foundation. Standing orders direct the vendor to ship a given quantity of radioactive materials on specified dates. To initiate a standing order note on the OSU Form 1303 "Standing Order." In addition to the above information include the delivery dates.
  3. {C}{C}Blanket orders can also be issued. Blanket orders establish an account with a vendor and allow laboratory personnel to directly contact the vendor when radioactive materials are needed. To initiate a blanket order note on the OSU Form 1303 "Blanket Order" and the time frame (maximum one year). When contacting the vendor to request radioactive materials, you must indicate the RS Number assigned by Radiation Safety at the time the requisition is processed in addition to your account number.{C}{C}

Gas Cylinder Orders

OSU's contract vendor for Gasses and Gas cylinders is Praxair. Orders to Praxair should go through the Gas Cylinder Warehouse. University purchasing has rerouted orders to other gas vendors through the Gas Cylinder Warehouse so it is recommended that you try them first. Please include the item number for the Gas cylinder you are ordering, without this it can be hard to get the order correct.

Hours of Operation: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Gas Warehouse supplies The University with cylinder gases, liquid nitrogen, and accessories. They stock the most commonly requested items and will special order any item you want. They also carry a variety of spare parts for gas cylinders. For emergency orders, special or custom mixes, or to request special handling, call 292-2543. Same day handling service fee: $100.00.

Emergency orders requiring handling during non-University business hours are assessed a minimum service fee of $200.00.

Stores Service Agreements - for Dry Ice & Liquid Nitrogen

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