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Chemical Recycling Program

Information for the Chemical Recycling Program

The Chemical Recycling Program is located in 1050 McPherson.  The hours of operation are by appointment.  Please email Don or Amy to request an appointment.
You cannot take any chemicals outside of the department without written permission from your supervisor/PI.  Also, you cannot transport hazardous materials using the Campus Area Bus System (CABS).
In order to see the available chemicals in the Chemical Recycling program (CRP),  please use the  ChemInventory system ( CRP's group name is "Recycling Group"). 
In order for us to transfer the recycled chemical to your inventory, you will need to give the "Recycling Group" FULL access to your inventory. 
  1. To do this (once logged in); click on "Group Management" and then under "Inventory Management" click on "Inventory Tools." 
  2. This will bring up a drop down list...click on "Inventory Sharing."  For the Recycling Group, slide the button to "Full" privilege. 
  3. Click "Save Changes" in the lower right corner.

Procedure for Procuring Chemicals for Research Labs Using the Chemical Recycling Program

  1. Student/Researcher finds a chemical in the Chemical Recycling Program using the ChemInventory search function(s).
  2. The Student/Researcher asks the supervisor/PI to request the chemical.
  3. The Supervisor/PI sends an email to chemrecycling@osu.edu with the name of the chemical(s) and the name of the student requesting the chemical.
  4. The Researcher will request an appointment with Don or Amy to pick up the chemical(s).
  5. The Student/Researcher will bring safety glasses, a rubber transport bucket, and their BuckID to 1050 MP during their appointment time.
  6. Don or Amy will log the BuckID and give the chemical to the Researcher.
  7. The researcher or LSO will update the EHS Assist inventory, as required.
  8. The CRP does not currently accept returns or donations.
  9. Researchers will no longer be able to search bins for their chemicals while at the CRP to save time.  We will handle each customer one at a time and on an appointment basis

Approximately 13567 transactions at an average of $69.2 a transaction for a total of $938777.37 recycled!