Graduate Appointments


Most graduate students in the Ph.D. program receive financial support as Graduate Associates, either Teaching Associates (GTA) or Research Associates (GRA), or as Fellows during their student career.  These appointments cover the cost of tuition and the instructional fee waiver, stipend, and 85% subsidized health insurance provided students remain in good academic standing, adhere to the code of student conduct, and make reasonable progress toward receiving their degree.  Faculty members and lecturers will provide the Graduate Studies Office with graded evaluations of students holding GTA or GRA appointments.  Inadequate performance of a GTA or GRA is considered lack of progress towards the Ph.D. degree and could result in removal of funding.

A limited number of Fellowships are available each year to incoming students and are only awarded to students meeting certain criteria who are successfully nominated by the Admissions Committee to the Graduate School's Fellowship Competition. Applicants interested in being considered for a Fellowship nomination do not need to complete additional forms or request Fellowship nomination consideration.

Autumn 2019 Appointments

2019-2020 Stipend Amounts and Distribution

Monthly stipend amounts for students appointed through the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry are awarded as follows:

GAA - $1,887.00
dGRA (Departmental GRA) - $2,300.00*
GTA - $2,300.00*
Research - Variable as determined by faculty advisor*

* Please contact your advisor or the Graduate Program Coordinator for the exact amount of your research appointment.  Monthly stipend amounts will be listed on Page 1 of the contract.  Contracts will be distributed via DocuSign each semester.  All GA stipends are distributed on a monthly basis according to the schedule shown below. 

Semester and Dates of Appointment

Pay Dates (last working day of month)

Autumn 2019 (8/16/2019 – 12/31/2019) - August, September, October, November, and December (4.5 months)
Spring 2019 (1/1/2020 – 5/15/2020) - January, February, March, April and May (4.5 months)
Summer 2019 (5/16/2020 – 8/15/2020) - May, June, July and August (3 months)

There are overlapping dates in August and in May where the semesters end and begin. Your stipend rate may be affected by an appointment-type change, but you will still receive your stipend check at the end of each month.

Tuition and Fees

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry will make GA appointments in a manner such that students will not be billed for tuition. If a GA fails to register for classes according to the schedule published by the Registrar’s Office or class/registration information provided by the Graduate Program Coordinator, the student will be responsible for any late registration penalties that are assessed. 

The GA will also be responsible for obtaining health insurance. A health plan that is subsidized 85% by the University is available through the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (students are responsible for the remaining 15% of the insurance premium). This charge will be deducted from your stipend checks.


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