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Mandatory Safety Training

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry requires safety training for faculty and staff. WHAT TYPE OF TRAINING IS REQUIRED? It depends on who you are.

  • Faculty, laboratory staff, visiting scholars, and contractors need to take advantage of the EHS Online training modules.  The supervisor can determine which modules are appropriate.  At a minium, the Lab Standard (or Hazard Communication for non-laboratory staff) and the Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP) must be completed.
  • Post-Docs need to either attend the EHS/Chemistry 10-Hour Lab Course or use the EHS Online training modules.
  • Undergraduate Researchers must use the EHS Online training modules. For those Undergraduates that will perform more intensive laboratory duties (such as those found in Organic Chemistry Research Laboratories), the more comprehensive 10 hours of training will be required.
  • Undergraduate Work Study/Chemical Prep Students must use the EHS Online training modules at the direction of the supervisor.
  • Non-Laboratory Staff must take "Hazard Communication" and BEAP through EHS.
  • Chemistry 6781 [pdf] is a required course for graduate students. It is offfered every Fall semester (second half).

For online makeups, click on the titles below. If your computer is not Real compatible, click to download the free RealOne player. OR scroll down to the downloadable (and smaller files) MP4 links.  They will work with Quicktime or the VLAN VLC Media Player.

After watching the video, download and print the appropriate quiz (see below...after each title. Give the quizzes to your supervisor.

Session 1 - Emergency Response and Lab Safety Recorded 1/2/01-45 minutes

Session 2 - Hazardous and Infectious Waste Disposal Recorded 1/4/01-45 minutes

Session 3 - Fume Hood Operation Recorded 1/18/01-27 minutes

Session 4 - Chemical Incompatibilities and Storage 1/30/01-39 minutes

Session 5 - Compressed Gases and Cryogenic Liquids Recorded 1/23/01-31 minutes

Session 6 - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Recorded 2/01/01-29 minutes

Session 7 - The Hazard Communication and OSHA Lab Standards Recorded 1/9/01-39 minutes

Session 8 - Electrical Safety Recorded 1/16/01-50 minutes

Session 9 - Safety in Industry Recorded 2/20/01-53 minutes

Session 10 - Office and Laboratory Ergonomics Recorded 1/13/01-47 minutes

Session 11 - Laser Safety Recorded 1/25/01-50 minutes

Session 12 - Public Safety Recorded 2/14/02-37 minutes

  • No Quiz

Session 13 - Laboratory Glassware & Vacuum Systems and Pressurized Systems Recorded 2/27/01-39 minutes

Session 14 - Biomedical Safety Recorded 3/1/01-51 minutes

Session 15 - Radiation Safety Recorded 2/8/01-27 minutes

Session 16 - Basic First Aid Recorded 2/12/02-37 minutes

Session 17 - Laboratory Inspections Recorded 2/22/01-23 minutes

Session 18 - Flammable Liquids and Fire Codes Recorded 3/6/01-34 minutes

Session 19 - Hands-On Fire Extinguisher Training Recorded 3/8/01-33 minutes

Faculty Training Sessions

Safety orientation/training for Chemistry faculty and Visiting Professors/Scholars/Lecturers will be offered every semester on an "as needed" basis. The sessions will be approximately two hours long. You need only to attend ONE session. PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL, IF YOU NEED TRAINING.

10 Hour Lab Safety Training Sessions

This course on Laboratory Safety incorporates a wide variety of subjects. It is meant to provide a basic technical understanding of safety issues and concepts while creating a heightened awareness of practicing science in a consistently safe manner. Anyone associated with laboratory work should consider attending.

To register, call 2-1284. Each session is limited to 50 students.

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