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Chemistry and Biochemistry Advising

The Chemistry and Biochemistry advisors can provide interested students with a review of degree options, including a minor in chemistry or biochemistry, and will assist undergraduate students in planning and scheduling the coursework needed to complete their major once it is declared. Students can also see our advisors to review General Education (GE) requirements and for general issues such as scheduling and adding/dropping courses. All department advisors are also Pre-Health Advisors and can assist as students begin the application process for professional programs.

Students can connect with an advisor through email, brief walk-in meetings, or by appointment. The undergraduate department employs two chemistry advisors and two biochemistry advisor:


  • Dr. Mike Chang advises chemistry students whose last name begins with the letter A – H.
  • Ms. Holly Wheaton advises chemistry students whose last name begins with the letter I – Z.
  • Contact info: Dr. Chang and Ms. Wheaton can be contacted at chemadvisors@osu.edu


  • Dr. Marie R. Southerland advises biochemistry students whose last name begins with the letter A – H.
  • Ms. Angela LeCount Melamed advises biochemistry students whose last name begins with the letter I – Z.
  • Contact info: Ms. Melamed and Dr. Southerland can be contacted at biochemadvisors@osu.edu


Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, call the Undergraduate Office at (614) 292-6009 or (614) 292-1204. Appointments cannot be scheduled by email.  For quick questions, advisors hold walk-in hours each week; please call the office for days and times, as they can change throughout the year.  If necessary, phone appointments are also available; it is important to note the student is responsible for calling the advisor at the time of the appointment. You may also schedule a meeting via OnCourse.

Undergraduate Studies Office
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Suite 110 Celeste Lab
120 W. 18th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 292-6009 or (614) 292-1204

Our office hours during the regular academic year are Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm and 8am to 4:30pm during the summer break.

Honors Program Advising

Students in the ASC Honors Program will have a team of advisors to help them navigate all of their course and honors requirements.  For general advising, honors students will see their major advisors listed above. Students will also consult with their appointed ASC Honors Program counselor for procedural matters, information about general degree requirements, assistance with an Honors Contract, and for information about other special honors opportunities.  Faculty advisors (listed below) will advise students regarding upper level needs, including their Honors Research and Thesis Project, graduate program advice and advanced course selections:

  • All biochemistry students: Dr. Jane Jackman. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Jackman, contact the Undergraduate Studies Office.
  • All chemistry students: Dr. Bern Kohler. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kohler, contact the Undergraduate Studies Office.