Biochemistry Masters Program


Through the Biochemistry MS Program, faculty in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry will train students with a suitable Bachelor's degree for a career in Biochemistry. Students spend an average of 2.5 years in this program. Coursework includes a core curriculum with an emphasis on biochemistry (laboratory and lecture) courses and electives for further specialization. At the end of the first year, students select a thesis advisor and research project. A student must successfully defend his/her thesis in order to graduate from this program.

Applications for the Biochemistry MS (Thesis option) must be submitted online through The Ohio State University Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions. The fee to apply is $60 for US citizens, permanent residents or asylees, and $70 for international students. The fee must be paid by credit card or e-check at the time an applicant submits the online application.

The following items are required in order for an application to be considered complete:
1) A submitted online application
2) A resume
3) A personal statement
4) Scans of official transcripts from each college/university attended (Please scan both front and back of transcripts if text appears on both sides)
5) Official GRE general exam scores (Must be reported to OSU by ETS)
6) Official TOEFL scores (These scores are required for all students whose native language is not English and who are not US citizens or have not been a US permanent resident for two years. Official scores must be reported to OSU by ETS)
7) Three letters of recommendation (Applicants must indicate while completing the online application that their letters will be submitted electronically and will then receive a separate e-mail indicating how referees must submit their letters)

Please note that there is no guaranteed funding for students in the Biochemistry MS program, so students admitted to the program are self-supporting. Once a student has joined a lab for his/her research project, the advisor may choose to place the student on a Graduate Teaching or Graduate Research Associateship.

The Biochemistry MS program leads to a terminal MS degree; there is no direct pathway to a PhD program upon completion of the Biochemistry MS program. Any applicant whose ultimate goal is a PhD in Biochemistry should apply to the Ohio State Biochemistry Program. Any applicant whose ultimate goal is a PhD in Chemistry with a focus on Biological Chemistry should apply to the Chemistry PhD Program. Graduates of the Biochemistry MS program will be required to apply to another graduate program in order to pursue a PhD and admission to a PhD program is not guaranteed. To learn more about procedures and requirements for earning an MS degree in Biochemistry, please see the information on page 32 of this document [pdf]. For more information about applying to the Biochemistry MS program, please e-mail Jennifer Hambach at

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