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Lead Instructor

Picture of Dr. Ted Clark

Dr. Ted Clark is the program coordinator and lead instructor for the courses.  Dr. Clark has taught General Chemistry at OSU many times and his course is strongly influenced by his interests in Modeling Instruction, the use of PhET sims, and promoting student metacognition.   He has been very active in teacher professional development through Modeling Workshops and was awarded the Ohio PKAL STEM Educator of the Year (2017) for his scholarship, service, and teaching excellence.






Other Contributors

Picture of Dr. Nicole Karn

Dr. Nicole Karn teaches general chemistry, analytical chemistry, and is the laboratory supervisor for analytical chemistry courses like Instrumental Analysis and Quantitative Analysis.   Her chemical education research interests include student problem solving and student learning with hands-on and virtual chemistry labs.






Picture of Dr. Patrick Woodward

Dr. Patrick Woodward has been extensively involved in chemical education at OSU, serving as Vice-Chair for Undergraduate Studies, as Director of the Research Experience to Enhance Learning (REEL) program, and as a veteran instructor in general chemistry and upper-level inorganic chemistry courses.  He is an author of the textbook “Chemistry: The Central Science” and has recently published the textbook “Solid State Materials Chemistry.”