Third Year


During the third year, students in certain divisions will be required to present as part of a seminar series.  Students will be notified of their presentation timeline by the division secretary or by those faculty managing the seminar series. Additionally, after students complete the candidacy exam, they must meet with their advisory committee annually to complete the  post-candidacy progress report (PCPR). The focus of this report is to discuss goals and progress on the road to publication and graduation and it must be completed by each year.

Biochemistry Research Presentation

Students in the Biochemistry division must give one literature presentation and one research in-progress presentation to the division by the end of the third year. Typically, students will give a literature presentation in their second year in the student series, and a research presentation in their third year in a Research Focus Group series.

Inorganic Student Seminar

Inorganic students seeking to earn a Ph.D. degree are expected to present a departmental seminar during their third year in the program which will generally be 30 minutes long, as part of the requirement for CHEM 8893.  The subject of the seminar will be research progress on the student's project.

Organic Student Seminar

After passing the candidacy exam, each student will present a one-hour seminar.  The focus of the seminar will be the student's Ph.D. thesis research project. The talk should last 45-50 minutes and the student may choose any of the standard formats for presentation, including presentation software such as PowerPoint, blackboards, or overheads. The first part of the talk (20-30 minutes) should include a thorough review of the literature with the goal of providing a meaningful context and global perspective for current and future work. For the remaining portion of the talk, a progress report on the student’s research accomplishments should be presented. The student should distribute a concise and carefully worded abstract (1-2 pages) before the beginning of the seminar.