Students should review the divisional requirements outlined in the Summary of Procedures and Requirements (found on the Resources page by year) when registering for classes. Information regarding your registration window can be found in the menu on the right side of your Student Center under Enrollment Information. For anyone who needs a refresher on how to add classes, instructions can be found online.  Remember that you must complete thefinancial responsibility statement [pdf] before you will be able to enroll in classes. 

Elective Information 

Students who wish to take a course outside of the specified Chemistry & Biochemistry curriculum must submit a course approval form to the Vice Chair for approval.

Registration Units


Autumn and Spring Semesters: register for at least 8 credits to activate your tuition authorization. You may register for as many as 18 total credits.

Summer Term: only register for 4 total credits of research unless other coursework is required (e.g. courses required for English proficiency).  If other coursework is required, contact Kelly Burke for assistance with registration.

Pre-candidacy Fellowship/Trainees/GRA-GS Match:

Autumn and Spring Semesters: register for at least 12 credits to activate your tuition authorization.

Summer Term: register for 6 total credits to activate your tuition authorization.

**For students planning to take the candidacy exam, register as a pre-candidacy student for the semester in which you plan to take the exam and the semester following when you plan to take the exam.  Once you have officially passed, credit hours can be reduced as appropriate.**

Post-candidacy (Including Fellowship/Trainees/GRA-GS Match): register for 3 credits each semester until graduation

Autumn and Spring Semesters:  as part of the three total credits, students need to register for the correct seminar course.

Summer Term: register for 3 credits of CHEM 8999


Registration Dates and Deadlines are available online.

Graduate School Registration Dates

University Registration Dates 

Summer 2017 Registration Deadlines

All students should register by Monday, May 1, 2017, so that fee authorizations can be properly processed.  Students are responsible for payment of any late registration or late tuition payment penalties.  Please review the list of important registration dates set by the University and the Graduate School.  Forfeiture Fees: Once fee authorizations have been processed, a student who drops below the required number of units (see above) will be charged forfeiture fees.  If you make adjustments to your schedule make sure you do not drop below full-time enrollment after the fee authorization has been processed.

SU17 Research Course Numbers

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