Accident Reporting


Reporting an accident

Faculty, Staff, Post-Docs, Graduate Students, and Other Employees

For incidents that do not involve an injury, such as a chemical spill or a small fire, only the Departmental Incident Report Form [pdf] needs to be filled out. Or you can use the "Near Miss" form at the bottom of this page.

For incidents involving an injury, the Departmental Incident Report form along with the Employee Accident Report [pdf] form need to be completed. See the Safety Coordinator for copies (or Carol Barnes in BioSci).  

If the injury is minor, you can obtain these forms from the Safety Office to take with you to Employee Health Services. Or, you can fill the EAR form out after you arrive at Employee Health Services.

If the injury requires emergency care, the forms can be filled out as soon as you report back to work.

These reports need to be completed as soon as possible but NOT later than 72 hours after the incident.

For a handy-dandy reference poster, download the EHS Accident Reporting Safety Brief.

For Undergraduate Students (Non-Employees)

Only the Departmental Incident Report Form [pdf] needs to be filled out.

OSHA and PERRP Forms

OSHA and PERRP Forms can be found on the Downloads and Forms page.

"Near Miss" Incident Form

Email the following form: 180228 - Safety incident form.docx