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How to Apply
Students may enter the program any semester. Students must apply online.  We must receive all materials before we can consider your application.

Contact each institution you have attended and request that one official transcript of all courses completed at that institution be sent to OSU Admissions.  We cannot act on your application until all transcripts have been received.   Course work from one institution reported as transfer credit on another school's transcript is not acceptable; we need the original transcript. NOTE: For admission preview purposes only, OSU admissions will accept a scanned emailed copy of your transcript. If you are admitted, OSU admissions will require an official final transcript. 

All incoming transcripts should be sent one of the following ways:

Electronic Transmittal: Institutions offering electronic delivery typically have a database of colleges and universities from which a student can select when initiating an electronic transcript request. This does not require the student to enter an email address and the transcript is properly routed to the processing office at OSU. In the absence of a list of schools to select, students can request that their transcript be delivered to gpadocs@osu.edu.  If available at the sending institution, electronic transmittal is the preferred method because it provides the most security and can reduce processing and delivery time by several weeks.

Mail Transcripts from the institution: Transcripts may be directed from an institution to:

The Ohio State University
Graduate/Professional Admissions
P.O. Box 182004
Columbus OH 43218-2646.

Transcripts should not be issued to the student or mailed to a different address.  

Transferring of OSU Graduate Non-degree students
Individuals that enroll in OSU as graduate non-degree students can transfer to this program by completing the same process described above.  If they have completed the first course course in the program, Chemistry 6086, credit for this class can be transferred.  Credit for other courses in the program cannot be transferred.  It is preferable to apply directly to the program rather than first enrolling as a graduate non-degree student.