2022 President's Research Excellence Catalyst Grants Awarded

November 28, 2022

2022 President's Research Excellence Catalyst Grants Awarded


A team with Claudia Turro as a co-investigator was awarded one of the President’s Research Excellence Catalyst grants!

Pathways for the Hydrogen Economy to Enhance Sustainability

  • Lead PI: Jeff Bielicki, College of Engineering
  • Co-investigators: Claudia Turro, Arts and Sciences; Jeffrey Jacquet, CFAES; Daniel Gingerich, Martina Leveni and Shang Zhai, Engineering; Cinnamon Carlarne, Law
  • Research Topical Area: Renewable Energy, Smart Grid, Energy Storage
  • Project Description: This project will investigate transitions to a hydrogen economy that enhance sustainability.  It is a multi-disciplinary, convergent collaboration of faculty from engineering, chemistry, law, policy, and sociology and positions Ohio State to respond to many basic, applied, and convergent opportunities.

Congratulations, Claudia!

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