CBC Hayes Forum Winners

March 6, 2018
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Congratulations to the many graduate students who presented at the 32nd Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum on March 2nd. The Hayes Forum showcases the research being conducted by Ohio State graduate students across all graduate programs at the university.

Congratulations to Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology graduate student Chris Schweback who received a 3rd place award at the Hayes Forum! Chris is a graduate student in Dmitri Kudryashov’s research group.

Congratulations to Grace Eder who was awarded 1st place at the Hayes forum for her presentation in the Math and Physical Science category! Grace is a graduate student in Psaras McGrier’s research group.

Congratulations to Physical Chemistry Division graduate student Debadrita Modek, who won 1st place in the Biological Sciences Division at the Hayes Forum! Debadrita is a Pelotonia fellow, and a member of Marcos Sotomayor’s research group. She was recently awarded a Student Research Achievement Award for her presentation at the Biophysical Society meeting, and an Education Committee Travel Award from the Biophysical Society to attend the meeting.

Congratulations to graduate student Krishnaja Duvvuri who won 3rd place in the Engineering, Math, and Physical Sciences division. Krishnaja is a graduate student in the Babu research group.