From OSU to the Today Show

October 2, 2017
Nick Uhas

Nick Uhas grew up twenty minutes from OSU in Hilliard, Ohio. The Ohio State University has been a part of his life for years as both of his parents and brothers also attended. Additionally, Nick was attracted to OSU because of the sense of community; “I had gone to Miami of Ohio, San Diego Mesa College and summer school at Yale University. There was no better place to “fit in” and find the right crowd than OSU” he stated. Nick graduated from OSU in the summer of 2009 with a BS in Biology, and while he intended to go to graduate school on the east coast, he started working in production during his first summer after graduation. Nick never felt the need to go back to school because he enjoyed his work!

Nick first discovered his love for chemistry in his 6th grade science class; “I loved seeing the world in an analytical science based way, and chemistry was the language to understand this new world around me!” he explained. Even now, Nick is still inspired by scientists, chemists, biologists, engineers, and entrepreneurs. “These people have to be constantly innovating, learning, and testing for their job.” The spirit of innovation inspires him, and the people who embrace it!

Nick’s biggest inspiration in the Department of Chemistry was “Hands down no question about it, Dr. Callam.” He stated, “This man is a genius and has showed me that taking something as complex as O-Chem can be mastered with many progressive baby steps.” The lessons learned from Dr. Callam will stay with him for life - “Nothing is too difficult if taken with small progressive problem solving steps.”

Nick currently works as a Science Youtuber and Informational Content Producer. He loves that he gets to use his brain every day, learn new things and then apply it. “Today I learned all about the piezoelectric qualities of Quartz Crystals. Applying a mechanical stress to quartz crystals results in an electrical charge, which can be seen if you clank two quartz crystals together!” he explained. His greatest accomplishment is selling out his first live science stage show in Miami at the Frost Science Museum. He loved seeing kids excited about science, but in the future, Nick hopes to be working on a TV show exploring the world because “there’s so much great science to capture out there!”

Of all of his experiences at The Ohio State University, the most memorable for Nick was being on Homecoming court during his junior year. Nick also entered the “Greek God” competition during his senior year with Delta Tau Delta fraternity and won! Nick believes that his experiences at OSU have definitely helped him in every aspect of his life. “The lessons of problem solving I learned while at school have directly translated into methods I use today.” he said. When working on shooting experiments for TV and Web he runs into some difficult situations. In Nick’s experience, trial and error is the best technique for solving these difficult problems. “Just as an example. We wanted to make a video about breaking a record with the largest Soda Mentos Geyser. We ran into so many issues with how to re-carbonate liquids, tensile strength of plastics, and how to drop 6 packs of mentos into a 5-gallon container all at once. With about 4 weeks of trial and error and testing we finally had a working prototype and did break a record. This concept also got me on the Today Show for the 5th time!”  

To any student interested in a career in science, Nick stated: “There are WAY WAY WAY more occupations in the sciences other than Doctor, Dentist, and Nurse. If you love the sciences you can apply your degree in many other areas of the work force.”