PhD Candidate, Devin Swiner quoted in USA Today

August 5, 2020

PhD Candidate, Devin Swiner quoted in USA Today

Devin Swiner

PhD candidate, Devin Swiner of the Badu Research Group was quoted in a USA Today article featuring the black community in various STEM fields. Breaking barriers of expectations, as well as laying a path for those behind them, the article discusses how the black science community has embraced hashtags to show diversity in their fields.

“A lot of times with women that are in science, especially Black women in science, they are pigeonholed,” Swiner says. Through her continued advocacy, and through the forthcoming #BlackInChem week (starts Aug. 10) she co-organized, she wants to challenge that notion.

“We’re multifaceted. You are allowed to not be in a lab coat every day. You're allowed to not always talk about science,” she says.

Swiner also hosts a blog with other women of color in STEM: 

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