Charles Bell

Charles Bell

Charles Bell

Adjunct Professor


226B Rightmire Hall
1060 Carmack Rd
Columbus, OH 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • Biochemistry


PhD - University of California, Los Angeles
Postdoctoral - University of Pennsylvania

Research Overview

Research in the Bell lab uses x-ray crystallography and other biochemical and biophysical tools to understand the mechanisms of proteins involved in DNA repair and other important biological processes. One area of interest is E. coli RecA protein, which promotes the central DNA strand-exchange step of DNA repair by homologous recombination. A second project involves the phage-based RecET and RedAB recombination systems, which each consist of a ring-shaped exonuclease (RecE or RedA) that binds to dsDNA ends and processively digests the 5’-ended strand into mononucleotides, and a single strand annealing protein (RecT or RedB), that loads onto the resulting 3’-overhang to promote the annealing of complementary strands. The proteins of these recombination systems are currently being exploited in exciting new methods for genetic engineering and nanopore DNA sequencing, and our research is aimed at providing a structural framework for understanding and re-engineering their functional properties. The structural work is complemented by a thorough structure- function analysis, which involves biochemical and biophysical assays utilizing fluorescence or gel-based methods.


Recent publications

Korada, S.K.C., Johns, T.D., Smith, C.E., Jones, N.D., McCabe, K.A., and Bell, C.E. (2013) “Crystal structures of Escherichia coli exonuclease I in complex with single stranded DNA provide insights into the mechanism of processive digestion.” Nucleic Acids Res. 41(11), 5887-5897.
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Zhang, J., McCabe, K., Bell, C.E. (2011) "Crystal structures of lambda exonuclease in complex with DNA suggest an electrostatic ratchet mechanism for processivity" Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 108, 11872-11877.
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Wilson RC, Bohlen CJ, Foster MP and Bell CE (2006) "Structure of Pfu Pop5, an archaeal RNase P protein" Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 103(4):873-8.
Bell CE (2005) MicroReview: "Structure and mechanism of Escherichia coli RecA ATPase" Mol Microbiol 58(2):358-66.
Bohl CE, Gau W, Miller DD, Bell CE and Dalton JT (2005) "Structural basis for antagonism and resistance of bicalutamide in prostate cancer" Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 102(17):6201-6.
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Rajan R, Zhu J, Hu, Pei D and Bell CE (2005) "Crystal structure of S ribosylhomocysteinase (LuxS) in complex with a catalytic 2-keystone intermediate" Biochemistry 44(10):3745-53.

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