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Jim Coe received his B.A. with Honors in 1980 from Swarthmore College, and his Ph.D. in 1986 from The Johns Hopkins University (advisor Kit H. Bowen) where he was awarded the Roseman Award for excellence in research. Postdoctoral work was done at the University of California, Berkeley (advisor Richard J. Saykally). He has been a faculty member at The Ohio State University since 1989, being promoted to Associate Professor in 1995 and Full Professor in 2007. He was given the Outstanding Service Award in 1999 by the ACS Columbus Section for work as Program Chair of the 31st ACS Central Regional Meeting, was elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society in 2008, and has been on the Editorial Board of the journal Plasmonics since 2005.

Research Overview

The Coe Group has been developing applications of Plasmonics in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.  Click on the left image to get a more detailed picture of our research program.  Our biggest application involves placing inhalable dust particles into the holes of a plasmonic metal mesh in order to record scatter-free infrared absorption spectra of subwavelength size particles.  This has led to a program in Environmental Chemistry to identify the chemical components of the dust that is breathed into people's lungs.  We are creating a library of single particle dust spectra, as well as calibranting materials that are known to be in dust, in order to better understand respirable dust.  In applying plasmonics to detection of cancerous liver tissues, we now have a program using IR light to detect cancer without using stains or labels.  We have joined a team of oncological surgeons, pathologists, and spectroscopists at the James Comprehensive Cancer Center in order to develop spectroscopic probes for detecting cancer in surgically resected tissues.

What is Plasmonics?  Go to the "Research Page" tab and choose "Movie Introduction to Plasmonics".


Coe Group Projects


J. Phys. Chem. C Cover

 Coe Group Projects                                               J. Phys. Chem. C Cover


Dust Particle Trapped in Plasmonic Mesh Hole.


Analytical Chemistry Cover

SEM Image of a Dust Particle Trapped in a Mesh Hole.         Analytical Chemistry Cover.

Recent Publications

Coe has 87 papers, an H-Index of 30, and 3373 citations

a list since ~2003 can be found at the "Publications" tab on our Research Page

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