NMR and EPR Laboratory




Dr. Tanya Whitmer, NMR Laboratory Manager | whitmer.54@osu.edu | u.osu.edu/cbcnmr


Dr. Dan Conroy, NMR Spectroscopist | conroy.120@osu.edu | u.osu.edu/cbcnmr

Services Provided

Welcome to the NMR Laboratory in the Department of Chemistry at The Ohio State University.  The facility includes six NMR spectrometers listed below that are located in CBEC 092 and Evans Laboratory 0083, 0086. These instruments are available 24/7 to trained users via online scheduling. More information is available with details about requesting usage, scheduling time, etc.

Spectrometers Available

Solution NMR

600 MHz Avance III HD -  This is our most versatile instrument in the facility, capable of a large number of NMR experiments ranging from routine to advance multidimensional, multinuclear NMR, water suppression, and variable temperature.  Most experiments can be acquired using automation.    

400 MHz Avance NEO  - This instrument is a walkup instrument utilizing a SampleJet and a liquid nitrogen cooled probe (Prodigy) enhanced sensitivity and for high sample through-put.

400 MHz Avance III  - This is a walk-up instrument which utilizes the SampleJet for high sample through-put.

400 MHz DPX  - Currently, we are using this instrument for routine 1H, 13C, and 31P experiments and variable temperature studies.

250 MHz DPX  - Primarily a walk-up instrument equipped with a quarternary probe for detection of X (carbon, phosphorus, and boron) nuclei.

Solid-state NMR

Solid-state NMR service is available via collaboration with the NMR Laboratory manager.

500 MHz Varian in CBEC 92

Electron Spin/Polarization Resonance - EPR

The EPR Facility is located in the basement of the CBEC Building (079) and includes an EMX-Plus EPR spectrometer and a benchtop ESR5000 EPR spectrometer [coming 2021]. These instruments are both continuous-wave (CW), X-band EPR spectrometers and are available in both room temperature and cryogenic temperature operating modes.

EMX-Plus EPR – CBEC 079

ESR5000 Benchtop EPR – CBEC 079 (COMING SOON!)