Surface Analysis Lab



Dr. Yehia Khalifa | Laboratory Manager | 084 CBEC | (614) 292-3792|

Services Provided

UHV-XPS Characterization

Students, Staff and faculty are trained to operate the Kratos Axis Ultra XPS. The instrument is equipped with both monochromatic (Al) and dual (Mg and Al) X-ray sources in addition to a helium UV source. Ar ion gun is also available for sputtering and depth profiling purposes.

Please acknowledge NSF-DMR grant #0114098



The SAL facility houses a newly installed SPECS near ambient pressure XPS system utilizing an in-situ cell capable of surface characterization in the presence of gases of interest up to 20 mbar and a temperature range of 200-800 K. The system utilizes a monochromated Al X-ray source and is equipped with Ar ion sputtering.

Proposals to utilize NAP-XPS for cutting edge experiments are accepted on a bi-annual basis. Please see for further details regarding sample and instrumental considerations.

Purchase of the ambient pressure XPS was supported by that National Science Foundation through NSF MRI award 1625792.



Bruker Icon Dimension AFM can provide a high-resolution image of the topography of a sample's surface.  Some of the options available are heated transition imaging and liquid imaging.