Surface Analysis Lab



Dr. Yehia Khalifa | Laboratory Manager | 084 CBEC | (614) 292-3792|

Services Provided


Students, staff and faculty are trained to operate the Kratos Axis Ultra XPS. The instrument is equipped with both monochromated (Al) and dual (Mg and Al) x-ray guns. Additionally, the instrument is equipped with a helium UV source to provide UPS and an Ar ion gun to provide depth profiling. See the lab manager for additional training if you would like to analyze air sensitive samples.
Please acknowledge NSF-DMR grant #0114098.

Dry-box for XPS sample preparation

A dry-box is provided for sample mounting in an oxygen/water free environment. There is a removable chamber attached to the dry-box which may be fitted to our current XPS instrument. Contact the lab manager if you are interested in performing air-sensitive experiments.

Accessing the Surface Analysis Facility:

Please email the Lab Manager for introduction to the lab procedures. All SAF usage is to be scheduled through the Lab Manager directly or via the sign up calendars which can be accessed through FOM.OSU.EDU. If scheduling through the Lab Manager please contact me by email. Scheduling is on a first come first serve basis. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Please follow these simple guidelines when reserving time in the SAF:

  1. Select the appropriate calendar.
  2. Only sign-up for days that you intend to use. (Don't sign-up for time, in case you will have a sample.)
  3. If you decide at anytime that you will not be able to keep your appointment, please delete it immediately. Charges may be applied to appointments cancelled with 48 hours.
  4. Please make sure you maintain current account numbers or issue an eRequest. (You will not be able to perform your experiment without a current account set-up in FOM.)