X-ray Crystallography Laboratory



Dr. Curtis Moore, Facility Manager | CBEC 082 | (614) 292-8058 | moore.4060@osu.edu

Services Provided

Single crystal X-ray diffraction is a leading technique for the determination of molecular and crystal structures and for obtaining the absolute configuration of molecules. This laboratory allows researchers to do small molecule single crystal structure determinations, where the metrical details of a molecule are ascertained (such as, bond lengths, bond angles, and conformation) along with the arrangement of the molecules within the solid state. Students with crystallographic experience can collect diffraction data and/or solve and refine their own structures. Otherwise, the complete structure analysis is done by the staff crystallographer. 

Equipment for single crystal work:

Nonius Kappa CCD diffractometer

A Nonius Kappa CCD diffractometer is equipped with a sealed tube generator with Mo radiation and an ApexII detector.

A Bruker D8 Venture Dual source system with a Kappa goniometer and a Photon II detector is equipped with an Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream Cooler for low temperature data collection capability down to about 90 K.

Equipment for powder work:

Bruker D8 Advance X-ray Powder Diffractometer
A high resolution versatile instrument which has several different sample holders. These include a standard flat sample reflection holder, a transmission/reflection holder (useful for films), a 9-sample changer which permits both reflection and transmission geometries, a capillary holder, a low temperature camera (80 K - 450 C) and a high temperature oven (100 C - 1200 C).