Venkat Gopalan

Venkat Gopalan

Venkat Gopalan

Newman Professor


774 Biological Sciences Building
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Areas of Expertise

  • Biochemistry


Venkat Gopalan obtained a B.Sc. (Chemistry) from University of Madras, India, and a Ph.D. (Biochemistry) from the University of New Mexico (Mentor: Prof. Robert H. Glew). He was then a post-doctoral fellow in the group of Prof. Sidney Altman, Yale University. During his post-doctoral tenure, he was also a visiting scholar for brief periods at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, England. He came to OSU in 1998 and is currently a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry. 

Research Overview

Structure and mechanism of action of ribonuclease P, a catalytic ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex. The endoribonuclease RNase P is a ubiquitous RNP that is involved in the maturation of tRNAs. In Escherichia coli, the RNase P holoenzyme consists of a catalytic RNA subunit (M1 RNA, 377 nts) and a protein cofactor (C5 protein, 119 amino acid residues). The long-term goal of our studies is to elucidate the mechanism of assembly of this unique catalytic RNP complex and thereby understand how an RNA-binding protein influences the structure and function of its RNA ligand. 2. Use of plant RNase P to inhibit gene expression Recently, it has been demonstrated that endogenous, cellular RNase P can be guided to specifically destroy a target mRNA in bacterial and human cells in tissue culture. Our aim is to determine if plant RNase P could be utilized to disrupt gene expression in plants and their pathogens. These studies will help establish plant RNase P as a valuable functional genomics tool. Towards this objective, we have recently made significant progress in partially purifying and characterizing plant RNase P.

Recent Publications

Suryanarayanan, T.S., Gopalan, V., Uma Shaanker, R., Sengupta, A. and Ravikanth, G. (2016) Translating endophyte research to applications: prospects and challenges. In “Diversity and benefits of microorganisms from the tropics” (Eds. Acevedo, J. L. and Quecine, M. C.), Springer Verlag (in press)

Biswas, P.K., Behrman, E.J. and Gopalan, V. (2016) Characterization of a Salmonella sugar kinase essential for utilization of fructose-asparagine. Biochem. Cell Biol. (in press)

Mao, G., Chen, T-H., Srivastava, A., Kosek, D., Biswas, P.K., Gopalan, V. & Kirsebom, L.A. (2016) Cleavage of model substrates by Arabidopsis thaliana PRORP1 reveals new insights into its substrate requirements. PLOS One (in press)

Agu, C.V., Ujor, V., Gopalan, V. & Ezeji, T. (2016) Use of Cupriavidus basilensis-aided bioabatement to enhance fermentation of acid-pretreated lignocellulosic biomass to butanol. J. Ind. Microbiol. Biotechnol. (in press)

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